DIG DEEPER: The Beauty Interview with Makeup Artist Lottie

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DIG DEEPER: The Beauty Interview with Makeup Artist Lottie

There are some makeup artists who's work can stop you dead in your tracks, and Lottie is one of those artists.  She is not a rule follower, and she doesn't color within the lines (although, of course, she can and exceptionally well at that).  This is an artist who embraces color with abandon, can paint a graphic eye like nobody's business, and who also knows when to leave well enough alone. That for me is a real sign of talent, when an artist knows when to stop, or what to leave out, and Lottie is amazing at that.  (Just google her look for Solange at this year's Met Gala.  In a perfect nod to Commes des Garcons, there is a swipe of white paint that goes along the jaw and onto the earlobe, a look that I image Rei Kawakubo must have loved.)

Lottie is also super fun to follow on Instagram and Periscope. On Periscope she does a ton of behind the scenes streaming as well as product reviews and sneak-peeks into her kit. She'll take her viewers makeup shopping with her or backstage Milan at one of the shows she's keying. On Instagram you get a feed flooded with her incredible work, just image after image of the most sublime looks. So if you're already a mega-fan or you're just learning about Lottie, read on for more....

I find that the road to being a makeup artist isn’t really a straight line.  Most hair stylists go to beauty school, but our path is usually a little more organic.  Tell me a bit about how you got from there to here.

My path was not a straight and easy one, I started wanting to be a graphic designer and in a roundabout way through an internship at a magazine for design I discovered that being a makeup artist was a real job outside of retail. From that point, I knew design was not my goal anymore and I did what I could to become a makeup artist. I practiced on every single person I knew, including myself and my husband and then starting testing and building a book.



If you hadn’t ended up as a makeup artist, what do you think you’d be doing now instead?

I think had I not known better, I would have continued to pursue a career in graphic design.

We all have some pretty hilarious on set McGyver moments where we have to think fast and improvise. Can you share one of your best McGyver moments? 

I don't think mine are that exciting but the ones that come to mind are using mascara for eyeliner when I forgot to refill my kit and for a runway show I keyed once. The sponsors products didn’t arrive so I creative an entire look using four products that the entire team shared on the day of the show. It was pretty funny actually.



There are some products we just can’t work without.  Maybe they’re discontinued?  Maybe you can only get them in Asia or Europe.  Which are your holy grail products?

I can't live without my Lash Guard, I buy them at Sephora in Paris. They are Sephora brand and super cheap but for some reason not sold in the USA. They're to protect the eyelid and surrounding eye from mascara when applying. Other holy grail products are Dior Brow Styler pens, Tom Ford stick foundations (discontinued shades 1 and 2 need to come back!) and my Monoprix baby wipes (a French cheap store like Target), they have a pleasant smell, are durable and I find they don't dry my hands out like other brands.

Say you could only use 3 items/products for a job?  What would those be?  What few things could you create a whole look with and be happy with the results?

A good moisturizer, the Make Up For Ever Flash Color palette and a great mascara. You can create any look using the flash palette.



Travel is a big part of a makeup artists life, and carrying a LOT of stuff is also part of our lives, so what personal products make the cut when you travel?  What gets you through long-haul flights and days on end in random hotel rooms?

I do my best to book hotel rooms or airbnb’s with bath tubs. I have a hard time shutting off my brain and so my hotel ritual is a travel candle (usually Diptyque Rose) and a sheet mask (right now my favorite is the Rodial Pink Diamond mask). I always travel with my personal full skincare regime and drink a TON of water.

Our job is unique in it’s ups and downs.  What are your tools to keep you balanced and confident?

I am still working on this one :) My husband keeps me grounded and taking time for my friends who aren’t in the industry keeps me sane.



What are your favorite products that you use on yourself? You have so many to choose from, what’s jumped from your kit into your vanity?

I use mostly Caudalie skincare on myself, I have very dry and sensitive skin and this works best for me. Another favorite line for my own use is By Terry foundation and powder.

References are wildly important in our jobs.  It’s shorthand for communication, direction and inspiration.  Who are some of your makeup idols or people that you consistently draw inspiration from?

Always, always Serge Lutens.



And lastly, what are your favorite products from Reed Clarke?

Aromaflage insect repellant (this has saved me in so many places!!) and the Surratt lash curler is hands down the best curler I’ve ever used!

Check out Lottie and her amazing work on Instagram and Periscope: @lotstar


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