Winter Haircare Essentials

Winter Hair Care Essentials

It’s February, officially the dead of winter. Unless you live in Miami, where there’s lovely hydrating humidity in the air year round, you are deep in the throes of dry winter air, and your hair is pissed about it. The annoying static when you take off your winter coat, the desert-dry air inside your house or apartment.....humidifiers are wonderful, but they can only do so much. 

Enter four of my favorite products to tame, nourish, and show some deep love to your winter hair.


Iles Formula Finishing Serum

Iles Formula Finishing Serum

This is a serum that truly helps you manage your hair without weighing it down. In the winter when the air is electric with static (or in the summer when the hair cuticles expand and the hair gets wild and fluffy) the lightweight serum adds just enough moisture to the hair to make it manageable without making it lank and limp. The ultimate hair product for people who don’t like hair product. *raises hand high* 



Sheila Stotts Hair Brush

This is the hairbrush that can conquer all. Initially designed to aid in removing hair extensions, it quickly became a staple in celebrity hair stylists kits because it’s so good any getting through any type of hair. Slow and steady wins the race with this brush, wet or dry, but man, it can tame any tangle. Plus because it’s tines are metal versus plastic or bristle, it keeps static at bay, which is half the battle of brushing your hair in the winter, unless you like looking like you rubbed your head with a balloon or like Albert Einstein. #hairgoals



Reed Clarke Hair Pin

Reed Clarke Hair Pin

When all else fails, put your hair up. If you're a top knot girl, a low bun girl or a lady who loves a sleek chignon, this super sturdy 4” gold plated or white enamel coated hair hair pin will keep your locks on lock down until you take it down.

Seal in moisture and tackle frizz with this lovely, lightweight oil. Run it through damp hair to define curls and waves, or to aid in a silky blowout. Rake it through the ends of your hair for that perfect "model off duty" separation and shine. Maybe no one will notice because you're wearing a winter hat, but you'll know your hair looks amazing.




How you dry your hair has a lot to do with how it behaves during the day. Using a drying turban reduces the friction you subject your hair to, making your hair less frizzy. The turban wicks away much of the moisture so you start the drying process with hair that's considerably less damp and easier to style.


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