Protect Your Neck

Protect Your Neck

The neck. A signal of elegance. An erogenous zone. An area to be adorned. The bane of the existence of women of a certain age and the reason why turtlenecks exist.

Basically, the neck is an afterthought when it comes to skincare and SPF and most people only start giving it love and attention once it starts losing its battle with gravity. But the truth is the neck it just an extension of the face - which is just an extension of the chest - and I’d like to bring that to your attention pronto.

Mary Allan Vitamin C
Cold Pressed Oil

Mary Allan Essence
of Ceramides

I don’t remember where I heard this, but I’ve claimed it as my own for years…. Your face ends at your nipples. Therefor your nipples are where you should end your skincare. Retinol? Face, neck, chest. Vitamin C? Face, neck, chest. Moisturizer? Face, neck, chest.
SPF? Face! Neck! Chest! Face. Neck. Chest. This is your new mantra.

I don’t care whether you use 2 products or 12, but I implore you, no matter what your age, to expand the surface area where you apply your products. You’ll thank me in a few decades.

Soleil Toujours Set + Protect
Micro Mist SPF 30

Soleil Toujours Mineral Ally Daily Face Defense SPF 50

Soleil Toujours Mineral Ally Daily Face Defense SPF 50

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