True Story

Recently on a flight from New York to LA, I was seated next to a man who eschewed deodorant. I mean really eschewed. Like ran as fast as he could away from even the notion of deodorant. And while I’m cool with other people’s life choices, it’s a drag when they so directly interfere with your current experience.  

 For years I’ve been carrying around the incense papers from Ponsont in my purse - I like that they make my bag smell nice and I’m always here for a spontaneous incense sesh. I’ve even begun adding an incense strip into the zippered bag I carry my masks around in (masks are still required for us at work and I also think they’re just polite when doing makeup now). 


Ponsont Incense Paper
Rosa Rossa

Ponsont Incense Paper
Le Patch


Well it’s no secret that us makeup artists are at least 60% MacGyver and are terrific problem solvers. Rummaging through my purse I found the incense papers, tore off a corner and dropped it into my mask. Problem solved. Now my personal breathing space smelled like a chic hammam vs. an art school freshman dorm and I was able to enjoy the rest of my cross country journey. 

The moral of this story is: Always try to sit next to a makeup artist on a plane because we know how to make any experience more pleasant. 


Persephenie Smelling Salts
Mental Clarity

Persephenie Smelling Salts
Calm Balance

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