Diffusion Rosicrucienne Dat Rosa Mel Apibus Incense

Why you need it:
Incense cubes handmade in France by artisans, infused with rose essential oil, myrrh and Sumatran benzoin.

Why I love it:
Transforming your space is a primal desire, and the ritual of burning incense is a way to transform and transport without physically going anywhere. Suddenly the air you inhabit feels tangibly different and your mind subtly shifts directions. If you've ever walked through a rose garden on a warm summer day, that's what this incense captures; the luscious scent of roses, the warmth of the earth and the subtle fragrance of honey. They truly take me somewhere else when I burn them, and I close my eyes and pretend I'm in a summer garden, somewhere far away. Burn a cube and enjoy the journey.

24 cubes / box

    • Directions

      - Light one corner of the cube with a match.

      - Fan for a few seconds, then place on an incense burner or fire safe surface, where it can be left to burn.

      - Average burn time is 20 minutes.

    • Ingredients

      Key ingredients:
      Sumatran benzoin, Sudanese incense, iris powder, myrrh, rosebuds and flowers as well as the essence of red rose.

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