Sundays Nail Polish

T. 01 Protective Top Coat
B. 01 Hydrating Base Coat

Why you need it:
Beautiful modern colors in a vegan, 10-free, cruelty-free, non-toxic formula with long lasting strength and shine.

Why I love it:
Nail polish is one of those things that not a lot of people think about, but it's a product that stays on your body for weeks, if not years at a time. When choosing a polish, I really think about the formulations and if they can be made as clean as possible, while still being an incredible product. Well I found just that in these gorgeous polishes from Sundays. The colors are incredibly chic and elevated, with a whole slew of totally modern shades, and the polish says on like a boss so you can spend less time painting your nails and more time living your life.

.47 fl oz

  • Color Options

    T. 01:  Protective Top Coat
    B. 01:  Hydrating Base Coat
    Opaque snow white - not a stark white, it has a subtle touch of warmth which is really flattering.
    02: Semi-opaque pink - perfect for a polished, clean look.
    05: Light lilac- a truly modern neutral.
    06: Buttery nude - a perfect, slightly cool toned beige nude.
    07: Beige rose - a soft, neutral rose.
    19: Aged wine - a deep brownish red.
    20: Deep aubergine - the deepest, darkest blood red.
    21: Purple grey - a muted dusty purple grey.
    26: Mauve - the color of dried roses.
    31: Muted grey - a chic, flat grey.
    32: Suede grey - the new modern neutral.

  • Additional Info

    - Cruelty-Free

    - Vegan

    - 10-free

    - Non-Toxic

    - Bottle shape and brush is optimized for precise and quick application.

    - No dibutyl phthalate

    - No toluene

    - No xylene

    - No ethyl tosylamide

    - No camphor

    - No formaldehyde

    - No formaldehyde resin

    - No parabens

    - No tert-butyl hydroperoxid

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