Kasha Individual Silk Eyelashes Pro Pack- SHORT/MEDIUM/LONG

Why you need it:
Add length and volume to your lashes with these ncredibly soft and natural looking hand crafted silk individual eyelashes in an assortment of lengths.

Why I love it:
It’s no secret that us makeup artists use individual lashes on 99.9% of our clients 100% of the time. When I get someone ready for the red carpet I rarely ever skip this step. Nestling half a dozen or so individual lashes into the lash line is the quickest way to add density and drama to the eye in a way that still feels natural and believable, but also adds that touch of glamour that makes others wonder why you look so good. These lightweight silk clusters feel flirty and fluttery, are practically invisible and instantly make the eyes look more open.

240 Individual lashes / box 

  • Pro Tip

    If you have straighter lashes, or normally like to curl them, be sure to curl them gently and "walk out" the curler so as not to create a sharp angle to the lash, otherwise the individuals won’t blend with your own. Tilt your head back and look down into the mirror, as if you’re looking down your nose. This gives you better access to the lash line and will allow you to get the lash clusters deep in-between your own lashes.

    Personally, I love the doe-eyed look so I like to add slightly longer lashes in the middle and shorter ones on either side, making the eyes appear rounder and more youthful. If you prefer a more elongated, sexy eye, start with the shorter lashes at the inner corner and add the longer lashes at the outer corner of your eye, drawing the eye up and out for a more feline feeling. 

  • Additional Info

    - 80 clusters each of 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm lengths

    - Reusable with proper care

    - Handcrafted, knot free silk lashes

    - Set on an ultra thin cotton band to blend seamlessly into the lash line

  • Directions


    - Applying one coat of mascara before application helps to blend your natural and false eyelashes together.

    - To apply, gently remove the lashes from the tray with an eyelash applicator at the knot free base, avoiding pulling the individual strands.

    - Place glue onto tray, and let it set for 60 seconds. Holding the lash by the tips of the hairs with the applicator, gently dip the knot free base into the glue. Allowing the glue to become tacky before applying will ensure the lashes adhere quickly to the lash line.

    - Apply each individual cluster directly to the lash line to achieve the most natural look. Push and adjust into position with your eyelash applicator.

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