ZenBunni Holy Smoke Incense

Why you need it:
Part magic, part daydreams, part 70's hedonistic love-den, it's unlike any other incense I have ever smelled.

Why I love it:
This incense has been a part of my life for years and it has been so hard to get that I have hoarded them until now (this is maybe the best part of having an online shop, now I always have stock of my favorite things!). They are hand-made in small batches in Indonesia and the ingredients are sourced from 9 different farmers, each farmer growing and cultivating a separate crop. Then they all come together to hand roll them, letting days pass between each layer so that they can build them up into short, fat incense sticks that look far different than the skinny, floppy ones you can buy in shops (they were designed this way so that you can extinguish them without the stick breaking and they also burn longer.) There is a headiness to the scent that is so deeply pleasing, so visceral that it stays with you long after it's burned out. 

13 incense sticks

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