Catherine Rising Smoked Palo Santo Soap

Why you need it:
Hand made in Rochester, NY with shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils and locally sourced goat’s milk for soft, supple skin. Beautifully packaged in handmade paper that’s peppered with wildflower seeds. Plant the wrapper to discover an array of beautiful flowers. 

Why I love it:
I feel like bar soap is having a bit of a moment. There are so many wonderful companies making the most delightful hand crafted soaps, sourcing local ingredients and peppering them with essential oils that make the start of your day brighter and more enjoyable. This Upstate Soap from Catherine Rising is made in Rochester, New York with local goat’s milk, along with shea butter and coconut oil for added hydration, plus a heady addition of Palo Santo to keep you grounded.

  • Ingredients

    Olive fruit oil, coconut oil, water, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, goat milk, essential oils

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