Stimulite Bath Mitt

Why you need it:
Loofas = mold factories. This body mitt is made of thermoplastic urethane, which is naturally antimicrobial, so it's mold resistant. 

Why I love it:
What's black and white and scrubs all over? This amazing bath mitt. Exfoliating not only feels good, but it feels like you're really accomplishing something. So satisfying! This mitt, which has instantly become a part of my daily routine, is beyond impressive. You can use it dry for lymphatic drainage, or with a bit of soap and be amazed at the foamy lather it produces. And here's the best part, it's made of thermoplastic urethane, so it's long lasting and by nature antifungal, antibacterial and quick drying (thermoplastic urethane and it's an amazingly versatile polymer that bridges the gap between rubber and plastic. SCIENCE!). Exfloliating dramas solved.

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