WELLinsulated Pouch

Why you need it:

Protect your skin care and makeup investment with NASA grade insulted, heat-proof, no-leak makeup bags. They also work to protect your tech, medication, sunscreen and supplements. They're lightweight, work hard, and look amazing doing it.

Why I love it:

Waterproof zipper? Closed cell insulation? Keeps moisture and humidity out while reflecting light and heat? They’re more like a beautifully designed rocket than a makeup bag. Where have these bags been all of my life?

Let’s break it down; these brilliant bags are designed to reflect heat and remain temperature controlled inside the bags. That means your skin care, makeup, sunscreen, serums, tech devices and supplements are all going to stay at the same stable temperature, even if you’re sitting on the beach, your bag is in a hot car, or your skin care is in the freezing cold belly of a plane for hours on end. And, if something *shudder* breaks or leaks inside the bag, the waterproof zipper ensures that the products don’t leak all over the inside of your purse or suitcase. Seriously! If you’ve ever had a lipstick melt in your purse or a hand cream explode in your makeup bag, you know what a drag it is. This is the only way I'll store my products from now on. 

The Insulated Pouch is super versatile. Carry your sunscreen to the beach or pool, keep your phone or tablet safe from overheating, or use it for a cute clutch.

11.5" L x 7.75" H

  • Additional Info


    - Protects against temperature changes & breakage with our multi-layered closed cell insulation.


    - Keeps moisture & humidity out. Protects against leaks & spills.


    - Reflects heat & light.


    - Easily wipes clean. Guards against bacteria & germs. Reduces radiant heat transfer.

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