Klorane Dry Shampoo

Why you need it:
Easy to use aerosol spray absorbs oils and instantly give hair body and texture.

Why I love it:
We all know that hair powder is the secret to sexy bed head, the cure for limp hair, and a lazy girl's dream product. This one from Klorane has been the holy grail of dry shampoos for as long as I have been doing makeup (a long, long time). Others come and go, but this one is the one that allworking hairdressers have in their kit and reach for every time they work. It's not fussy, doesn't have an overwhelming fragrance like many contemporaries do, and does the job with that perfect French panache. Made with Oat Milk which soothes and protects the hair and rice starches to absorb excess oils, you can get away with hitting the snooze button, skip the hair washing and still look like a million bucks.

*Full Size

3.2 oz

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