A.C.T. Essential Marble Incense Holder

Why you need it:
The perfect incense holder: elegant, functional and beautiful. The shape allows for burning incense sticks, cones or papers.

Why I love it:
I've been looking for an incense burner for years, and now I've found "the one". I wanted something that could accommodate various types of incense, catch ash with ease and that would look handsome on a leather desk, fit right in on fireplace mantle or elegantly live on a kitchen counter. A perfect gift for a design enthusiast, a meditation devotee or anyone in between. 

170 l x 80 w x 18 h mm

  • Additional Info

    - Marble is a product of nature and no two pieces are alike. Variations in color, veining and pattern are common.

    - Each incense holder is honed by hand, fine lines may appear (in darker shades) and natural fractures are common and not defects in your stone.

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