Flora & Bast Prana Patch Immunity Blend

Why you need it:
An aromatic adhesive patch for your face mask gently scented with basil, hemp, lavender, tea tree and peppermint to clear the sinuses and calm the soul. 

Why I love it:
When I’m doing makeup on set I’ll sometimes have to wear my mask for 13 hours at a stretch and having a patch that delivers a delightful concoction of scents throughout the day can completely change my mood for the better. The peppermint makes it easier to breath while also supplying a steady stream of calming essential oils, like basil and hemp, giving it a lush, herbaceous scent. 

They’re easy to carry and store and are great to have on hand for those extended mask wearing periods: while you’re at work, at a socially distanced hang out, or even just for while you’re navigating the market. Sometimes a product comes along that you didn’t know you needed and when you get it you think “How have I lived without this?” That's this product.

3 patches / pouch 

10mg Cannabis-derived Terepenes per patch 

  • Additional Info

    - Aroma notes: Earthy and herbal top notes of hemp and Basil provide calm and focus, while delivering a subtle analgesic effect.

    - Lavender and Helichrysum combine to form a soft, rounded heart note that promotes relaxation and grounding.

    - Peppermint and Tea Tree forms the foundational base note, gently cooling the sinus cavity and reducing upper airway congestion, providing expectorant benefits.

    - When breathed in with intention, the formula results in a balanced mind and body, allowing for optimal function by the immune system.

    - Please note that the cannabis essential oil does not contain cannabinoids like CBD or THC, and will not create an inebriating effect, nor make you fail a drug test.

    The immune system is the body's set of protective measures employed to ward off pathogens from the environment. Over-activation causes allergic reactions that deteriorate human health (think autoimmune disorders) while a low-response can result in pathogens thriving in our system, causing ill health. Studies show that specific essential oils combined with intentional, nasal breath work, can help balance the immune response, ensuring that our first line defender acts in our best interest. By striking a balanced immune response, we can achieve a state of health and wellbeing during times of stress and uncertainty.

  • Directions

    Select washable/disposable mask or face covering. Remove liner from patch and place on material, no more than 6 inches from nose. If your mask has a pocket for a filter, place the patch inside of the liner space. Otherwise wear the patch on the outside of your mask.

    Each patch is designed to last for up to one week; enhance longevity by removing patch from mask and adhering to liner when not in use.

  • Ingredients

    Basil Oil, Lavender (High Elevation) Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Helichrysum Gymnocephalum Oil, Lifter Terpenes

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