Cassa Eye Clear Spoon

Why you need it:
Late night? Not enough sleep? De-puff your eyes gently and effectively with this ceramic eye "spoon" from Japan. 

Why I love it:
I love an uncomplicated solution. Puffy eyes are a result of fluid retention and having a physical way of moving that fluid is a sure fire way of reducing puffiness. I love the way the spoon fits in and around the contours of the eye, and because it's ceramic, it feels cool and refreshing on the skin.

  • Directions

    Here are the steps for fresh, awake eyes:

    1. Use a little eye cream or face oil on the area first and then, using light pressure, swipe the spoon under the eye, outwards towards the ear.

    2. Next, lightly tap the same area, and then swipe outwards again.

    3. Starting just under the beginning of the eyebrows -- at the bridge of the nose and right under the top of the eye socket -- using light pressure, sweep up the forehead to the top of the orbital bone and across the top of the brow (if you walk your fingers around the edge of your eye, you'll very clearly feel the shape of your eye socket). 

    4. Starting at the inside of the eye, sweep outwards toward the outer corner of your eye, following the crease of your lid. Repeat the same motion under your eye, always pushing away from the center of the face.

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