Darkness Eyelash Glue

Why you need it:
The best lash glue you'll ever use.

Why I  love it:
If you wear strip lashes, there is nothing more annoying when the corners pop up and ruin your look. I first found this eyelash glue in a Korean beauty supply store here in LA; I tried it on a whim and I was completely blown away. I have never, ever found a glue that works as well as this one. The formula insures that your lashes stay in place all day, but it's the brush that's truly ingenious. With the brush you can paint the glue onto the band with total precision, and should the lash pop up, just paint a bit onto the band without removing the lash, press it back on with the handy plastic applicator that it comes with, and go on with your day. Whether you're a makeup artist or you just love to wear lashes, this glue is going to change your lash game. I promise you'll never go back to your old lash glue again.

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