Reed Clarke Cashmere Travel Blanket

Grey & White
Black & Olive

Why you need it:
A travel blanket that you'll use constantly and keep forever.

Why I love it:
I travel. A lot. And I never fly without a cashmere travel blanket. I know it sounds like a luxury, but it has saved me from being freezing on a plane more times than I can count. It adds a bit of comfort to a rather uncomfortable situation, making you feel cozy and warm and like you brought a little bit of home with you. I have been buying them for years, and now I have made one just for the site because, well, why not? 

I designed the blankets in super yummy cashmere that gets softer and softer the more you use it and they come in their own "envelope" that you can fold the blanket back into when you are done using it. The envelope also doubles as a cover for the airline pillow because do you really think they get sterilized often? Or ever? I doubt it. I've been wearing mine as a scarf or shawl constantly, so it doesn't just have to be for travel. And do I even need to mention that these make the perfect gift for your friend/spouse/co-worker/boss? 

*Exclusive to Reed Clarke

  • Additional Info

    - Dimensions of blanket   44 x 58

    - Dimensions of envelope   11 x 14

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