Fiona Stiles Beauty Sheer Sculpting Palette


Why you need it:
Contour is scary. This product is not. Formulated to be sheer but buildable, you can create sculpted cheekbones without being a YouTube makeup master, and without mistakes.

Why I love it:
As a makeup artist, I've been using contour as a way to created dimension on faces for decades, but it can be really, really intimidating for people, especially if you've seen some of the extreme contour looks on YouTube and other places. But the truth is, contour is an amazing tool. I created these formulas to be sheer, with subtle pay off so that the contour looks real and believable, and so that it's just easier to use.

  • Pro Tip

    I love to use these on the eyes when I want to create a little depth, but not do a full eyeshadow-y look. The sheerness creates beautiful shape on the eyes without it looking like a ton of makeup. Add a little liner and mascara and you have a super polished look, that still feels effortless.

  • Additional Info

    - Light/Medium has a taupe-y undertone so that they never go orange, even on the fairest skin.

    - Medium/Dark has olive undertones so it never looks ashy on warmer skin tones.

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