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Venus Love Alche-Mist Aromatherapy Spray

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An uplifting rose-scented toner for setting makeup or refreshing the skin.


There is something magical about this spray. The bottle talks about how Rose Damascena is scientifically verified as the highest frequency of natural substances on the planet and that it instantly lifts your spirits (which is also the first ingredient in this delicious spray) and also talks to the various benefits of the Rose Quartz Gemstone essence in the product and how it will open your heart and allow you to receive more love. All that is well and good and I fully believe in the "can't hurt, could help" philosophy when it comes to crystals, but what I love about this spray is the intensely beautiful rose scent and how I'm instantly transported from wherever I am to the middle of a rose garden on a misty spring morning. The scent is so pure and so wonderful that one mist on the face lets you completely reset your day. Because the spray is so fine, I use it on clients to start the makeup process, to sometimes set the makeup, or to just give them a little "break" and have a nice moment.  And I'll usually give myself a spritz too because I just can't resist.

  • Additional Info

    - All essential oils are steam-distilled, wild-harvested and organic.

  • Ingredients

    Pure Rose Damascena oil, Lavender essential oil, Rose Geranium essential oil, Columbine flower essence, Pink rose flower essence, Orchid flower essence, Star rose quartz gemstone essence, Emerald gemstone essence, Ruby gemstone essence, Sedona spring water, blessed holy water, mono-atomic gold ormus

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Karen B
Rose Bomb - brings me into a garden

I tend to get stressed throughout the day - and i keep this at my desk for a quick refresh. the sweet rose notes in it smell so much like the Portland Rose Garden, and other large scale rose gardens I have visited. it brings nature to me, when i can't get into nature, and reminds me to breathe and drop my shoulders. LOVE IT.