Slice Pencil Sharpener

Why you need it:
Keep your makeup pencils razor sharp and clean without making a huge mess.

Why I love it:
Us makeup artists nerd out on some pretty random stuff. Well I nerded out hardon this sharpener. I've had it in my kit for the past two years and had debated putting it on the site only because I wasn't sure if people would appreciate it the way I do. But here's the deal, sharpening your pencils is a drag. I loathe doing it to my own personal pencils because I don't like the messy shavings, bits of black liner seem to end up everywhere, and I used to sharpen them only when they're down to the eyelid scraping wood. That's how much I disliked the sharpeners that come with liners, you know the ones. This bad boy not only looks pretty (ahem, it was designed by an architect) but it keeps all of those pesky shavings contained. It has two sharpening holes and a removable adapter ring allowing it to accommodate 3 sizes of pencils, so it can even tackle your chubby lip and eye pencils. I have one on my vanity and one in my makeup bag so I can keep my liners sharp, sharp, sharp without a random shaving in site.

  • Additional Info

    - Dual German stainless steel blades with two separate openings with removable adapter ring so it sharpens thick or thin pencils (8,10 or 12 mm cosmetic pencils).

    - The oval shape catches shavings and has a built-in blade cleaning pick.

    - Dual German stainless steel blades with built-in blade-cleaning pick.

    - Designed by architect Michael Graves.

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