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Is there a more perfect casual gift than a candle? You don’t need to be someone’s BFF to give a good candle; you don’t need to know their deepest darkest secrets or have been there for them through a particularly difficult time. It’s a gift that says, “I like you and I think you like nice things.” It’s something to bring for a dinner party, a housewarming gift, a birthday present for a person who’s more than an acquaintance but maybe less than a bestie. Candles are awesome.


AU Collection
Molecule Candle

AU Collection Molecule Candle


The Molecule Candle from AU Collection is quite simply a lovely gift. It’s pleasing sculptural shape gives it leg up over a regular scented candle. And I’ll argue the fact that it is unscented is a terrific plus, as scent is a wildly personal preference and sometimes it’s just not a match between the candle and the recipient. Not everyone is a “Night Gardenia” or “Woodsy Wonderland” kind of person.

So file this away under “perfect little gifts for others” (everyone should have a running list for those moments when you need a little something for someone) and be the gifting hero you know you are.

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