Reed Clarke loves you.

And you love us too! Love notes left from some of our customers...

Love Notes

"Just wanted to say how much I love this site. I work doing makeup for film and it is so nice to have a site that cuts through the BS."

- Lauren Killip

"I would like to share with you how much I love your products. I have been buying from RC for almost 4 years now, every now and then, I just check what’s new, to buy and try new products. I am obsessed with beauty products, make up, skincare and accessories. The website is so well curated, with a clear, honest and professional description. I have come to know so many brands that I didn’t know before that are just amazing without all the chemicals. I trust your choice and your insight and I like the fact that it’s very personal and not very commercial.  It’s just a gem!"

- Cynthia Helena Rif


“I’ve never bought a product from Reed Clarke that I didn’t love. Most recently, the Stimulite exfoliating mitt and face scrubber. SO GOOD!”

- Sara Robey


"Thank you for being so honest in recommending such awesome products. I’ve loved each and everyone of those that I have purchased. Keep it up. You hold my youth and beautification in your hands.  😀❤️"

- Ana Bashi


“I’m loving the French Girl Rose Lip Polish. It’s so silky and so luxurious!! After following the instructions to massage product onto lips, I just couldn’t bring myself to rinse it off! I can’t remember the last time my lips felt this good!!”

- Barb Vied


“I was shocked to find so many of my favorite products here! Thrilled to have found one place where I can restock my essentials and also discover new fab finds! Thank you! Just placed my first of many orders. ”

- Stacy Smith Liss


“I just wanted to thank you so much for creating such a wonderful website. You have truly made something really special. I don’t know how I shopped for makeup before your recommendations! I will continue to follow your website and always recommend it to my fellow beauty-obsessed friends.”

- Jenna Perrier


“When I received my first Sheila Stotts brush moments ago, I immediately ordered 2 more. My head has not had a massage from a brush like this in years....I have short/medium baby fine curly hair and it knots easily - and WOW! it feels great.  Thanks!!”

- Kim Bush


“Such a great collection of beauty items.”

- Helen Yang


“Thank you for your amazing curation and wonderful finds, I love everything you find."

- Jasmine Dhanda


“Just fell down a Reed Clarke rabbit hole and wanted to tell you how completely f**king amazing it is.”

- Gia Harris


“I bought a Beautyblender and an Antonym Noir Eyeliner from Reed Clarke and received my order super fast. (The packaging is cute too!) Both products are keepers, the eyeliner stays on as promised, and looks great a little smudgy. I prefer a light touch with my foundation, and the Beautyblender is the perfect tool I didn’t even know I needed until I got one!”

- Alana Cloutier


“I’ve ordered beauty products from tons and tons of sites in the past, but the difference I found with Reed Clarke is that you know every single thing you choose has been put through the toughest filter there is - a celebrity make up artist who has the most discerning clientele in the world. That’s the only kind of product I want to invest in - one that stands up against the most experienced customer, and to a make-up artist who has to stand behind every single recommendation and product she uses.….I’ve found my trusted beauty head quarters!”

- Amy Swift Crosby


“When I shop for makeup, I like to play with the colors and feel the textures of the products.  Before buying makeup and skin care I really need to touch them with my own hands, which is why I usually hesitate to purchase products online.  When I heard about the site, I placed my order on Reed Clarke right away, and I’m so glad I did.  I love all of the products that I ordered.”

- Hung Vanngo


“I have had the distinct pleasure of hitting a make-up counter and apothecary shelf with the curator of Reed Clarke and I can tell you she has achieved something really special with As you browse her highly selective product range you feel as if she is standing next to you, sharing  expert advice, secret tips & tricks, and pointing out unusual “can’t live without” products you probably would never have noticed on your own. What a delight! And the best part, not only do the products arrive quickly and indulgently wrapped, THEY WORK. I dip into Reed Clarke whenever I want to feel pampered and in the know. Thanks to Reed Clarke I feel like I have a trusted girlfriend and very own beauty stylist by my side whenever I need her!”

- Edie Demas


“This is the very best site.  I’m thrilled I can finally choose from a carefully curated selection of high quality products.  Reading the descriptions is an extra bonus; I feel like I’m getting a mini professional consultation while I shop.  Easy to navigate.  Fast delivery (and nicely packaged).  The hard part is resisting buying everything!”

- Karen Fischer


“I'm so grateful for Reed Clarke; there is nothing better than a perfectly curated beauty site.  Our favorite thing about what is available on Reed Clarke is that each product is hand picked from a lot of research, and without a doubt, is the best in its class.  Knowing Fiona's extreme attention to detail and perfection personally, I completely trust that every product I order is something we’re going to love and order again, and again.  And I have!”

- Wendi Ferreira


“So thrilled to have this incredibly thoughtful selection of products in my life. My skin thanks you daily, Fiona!”

- Lauren Coleman


“The best of everything happens when you take out the extra noise, and that is what’s great about Reed Clarke.  I knew nothing would disappoint coming from this box of secret weapons.  I loved everything I ordered!  The site is unique and descriptive - for everyone  from the product novice to the enthusiast!”

- Tiffany M. White


“I bought the Mineral Fusion eyeliner in Rough.  It’s the perfect rusty brown, I can’t get enough of it!”

- Theo Kogan


“I love everything in this order and wanted to say thanks! I’m so glad I found your recommendations on The Hive.  I’ve somehow managed to reach almost-motherhood in my late thirties without being super knowledgable about makeup.  I’m glad to know that such an awesomely curated collection is out there and I really appreciate your detailed descriptions of the shades. So perfect. I’ll be back!”

- Jodi Erickson