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Eyelash Curler

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Got stick straight lashes that laugh when they see an eyelash curler? This mini lash curler hasn't met a lash it can't curl. Show them who's boss once and for all.


For me, using a lash curler is a must, on set and in my day-to-day life. When I'm working, I never let someone leave my chair without getting their lashes curled. But sometimes I have a client or a model with very straight, very stubborn lashes. That is when this curler is a life saver. Its unique shape lets you crimp those straight lashes in a way that a normal lash curler can't and I have never met a lash that this tool can't curl. I had these imported from Japan because they work, and anyone who has super straight lashes knows the struggle is real. 


6 replacement pads included

  • Pro Tip

    You can use them to also curl your lower lashes by just flipping the curler over, so that now the pad is on the top.

  • Directions

    Be sure the pink pad is under your lashes. You want the metal to be on top with your lashes in between and the pad on the bottom, in an eyelash curler sandwich.

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