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Yuzu Soap

Bath Bomb Cubes

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With a short list of incredible ingredients, these wonderfully fragrant bath bombs will change your bath routine game forever.


Bath bombs are really fun, but all of the ones I've found are loaded with dubious ingredients which means you're basically marinating in a chemical broth. That's not the case with these. The ingredient deck is incredibly short and composed of primarily clay (which is how the cubes get their pretty colors), coconut oil and essential oils. I'd never used a bath bomb with essential oils in it before and it's such a genius idea. Not only are the scents natural versus a synthetic fragrance, but your skin reaps the benefits of soaking in the essential oils. Your skin is left silky soft from the coconut oil and the air is filled with delicious, tantalizing scents. The essential oil combinations are simply enticing; a Lemon Tea Tree which has bright citrus notes, Eucalyptus Mint which is remarkably minty and so good when you're feeling achy or under the weather, Lavender Sage which is perfect for a pre-bedtime relaxation session, and Bergamot Lime which is a wonderful, bright citrus scent. I'm surprised I have any left for sale because I keep stealing them for myself.

2  3 oz cubes/box

  • Scents

    Lavender Sage: Calming and peaceful.

    Eucalyptus Mint: Refreshing and bright.

    Lemon Tee Tree: Bold, bright citrus aroma.

    Bergamot Lime: Tangy citrus scent.

  • Ingredients

    Baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, essential oils, natural clay and witch hazel

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