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Marble Incense Holder

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The perfect incense holder: elegant, functional and beautiful. The shape allows for burning incense sticks, cones or papers.


I've been looking for an incense burner for years, and now I've found "the one". I wanted something that could accommodate various types of incense, catch ash with ease and that would look handsome on a leather desk, fit right in on fireplace mantle or elegantly live on a kitchen counter. A perfect gift for a design enthusiast, a meditation devotee or anyone in between. 

170 l x 80 w x 18 h mm

  • Additional Info

    Marble is a product of nature and no two pieces are alike. Variations in color, veining and pattern are common.

    Each incense holder is honed by hand, fine lines may appear (in darker shades) and natural fractures are common and not defects in your stone.

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