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Wild Yonder Botanicals

Organic Bath Salts

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Unique and incredibly scented crystal quartz charged bath salts to take the edge off at the end of the day. Or the middle of the day. No judgment.


There a few things I love about these organic bath salts. First is the packaging. The designs make my heart so happy. The second, of course, is the overwhelmingly intoxicating scents that they've created. Seriously I cannot even begin to describe how delightful all of these different salts are. I've said before on the site that I wish I could have a scratch and sniff button (can someone please develop that?) because once you smell them you'll be hooked too.

All of the salts are crystal quartz charged (can't hurt, could help I always say) so there's the additional benefit of a bit of lovely woo-woo. The other ingredients are sea salt, epsom salts, organic Manuka honey (which is known for its excellent anti-bacterial properties) and organic essential oils and resins. They're all made in small batches and hand blended and full of good vibrations according to the makers of the salts. I don't know about you, but I'll take all of the good vibes I can get.

  • Scent Options

    Dream Catcher: cacao, tuberose & cinnamon

    Luna: spearmint, ginger & eucalyptus

    The Rising Moon: ho wood, pine & patchouli

    Anti Bad Vibes Shield: frankincense, ylang ylang & rose

    Cosmic: palo santo & blood orange

    The Rising Sun: petigrain & vetiver

    Under the Zenfluence:  hinoki oil, organic hawaiian sandalwood, petitgrain sur fleurs & lemongrass

    Rose the Vibe: bulgarian rose otto & royal hawaiian sandalwood

    Incense Smoke: moroccan cedarwood, hawaiian sandalwood, himalayan amber & agarwood/oud

  • Ingredients

    All blends are mixture of crystal quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, bio dynamic honey and organic essential oils and resins.

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