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Krystell Barraza

Silk Hair Ties

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Made of 100% silk, this is the perfect hair tie with just the right amount of resistance, in the prettiest range of colors.  


Silk hair ties are easier on your hair than regular elastics, and the silk also helps avoid those dreaded hair creases you get from traditional hair ties. I love the slender size and the range of lovely colors, but what I really love about them are that they're made of textile remnants from the previous Ready to Wear collections of clothing designer Krystell Barraza, making them a fully zero waste product. Not only are they the perfect example of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, she sources her fabrics from women owned textile collectives supporting a female owned supply chain that is usually occupied by men. So not only are you supporting a small women owned business when you purchase these, you are also empowering women in the textile industry as well as salvaging fabrics that would otherwise be discarded. That's a whole lot of feel-good right there. 


Pack of 3 hair ties

  • Additional Info

    - 100% silk 

    - 2" in diameter

    - Hand wash

    - Made in USA

    - Zero waste, made from textile remnants from previous Ready to Wear collections.

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