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Okuhida Onsen

Onsen Yunohana Powder

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A bath powder made from 100% all-natural mineral mix extracted straight from the mineral deposit on Mt. Yakedake in the northern Japanese Alps. Adding the mineral-rich powder to your bath warms you from the inside out, relieving tension and stress. 


Baths are a delight. They wash the day away and force you to take some time to stop and relax and shut out the world. But baths can also transport you, and this bath powder will take you straight to an Onsen near Mt. Yakedake, an active volcano in the Hida Mountains, at the foothills of the Japanese alps where this product is sourced. Over millions of years, the natural flowing minerals from the hot springs harden in the soil, and then those minerals are extracted and refined to make this delightful Onsen mineral powder. When you add the unscented powder to your bath it dissolves and the water turns a beautiful mineral-rich milky white.

A few interesting facts that I think you might enjoy. "Yunohana" translates to "hot water flower" and "Yakedake" translates as "burning mountain". Also, the area around Mt. Yakedake is home to 159 Onsen, and I'm adding a trip there to my bucket list because it sounds too incredible to miss.


  • Additional Info

    - Reduces body fatigue and aches.

    - Helps with dry skin.

    - Relieves stress.

    - Do not consume product, If accidentally consumed, drink a large amount of water and consult your doctor.

    - If skin irritation occurs, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.

    - Do not mix with other bath additives.


  • Directions

    Pour 1-2 tablespoons of Onsen Powder in a bathtub full of water.  Mix the Onsen Powder into the water until it is fully dissolved. Rinse the bathtub after each use.


  • Ingredients

    SiO2 + Insol    .91%
    Al2O3              .06%
    Fe2O3             .04%
    CaO            55.11% 
    K2O                 .01%
    ig.loss         43.51%


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