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Artistique Highlight Brush

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The most perfectly calibrated brush. Designed for highlighting, but perfectly suited for contouring, powder and bronzer as well. Each brush is crafted from hand-tied natural fibers with precision and care by a skilled artisan in Japan. 


Let me tell you a little something about Troy Surratt, the founder and creator of Surratt; he is a brush obsessive. Like, seriously obsessed, and he designed this brush to be the very best in its class. They are perfection down to the very last details; the hairs are just the right density and shape to best deliver product, the shape feels lovely in your hand and he even made sure that his brushes are perfectly balanced (if you balance the middle of the brush on your finger you'll see that it's perfectly weighted). You don't have to have tons of expensive brushes, but having a few of the best brushes for the job will make your makeup application better, smoother, and more seamless. I am a big believer in investing in the right tools for the job and this brush lays down powders so beautifully that you will marvel at your makeup skills.

  • Pro Tip

    Please remember to wash your brushes to extend their life. We recommend washing your brushes once a week. You can use a brush cleaning soap or a gentle shampoo to clean them. Under warm water, gently lather the bristles, and rinse thoroughly until no visible lather or pigment remains. Gently squeeze out the excess water and reshape them before laying them down to dry. 

    To ensure your brushes are dried thoroughly, and to maintain their longevity, dry them on a towel, having the heads of the brushes rest over the edge. This will allow to maintain their shape and for maximum air flow to aid in faster drying.


  • Additional Info

    - Hair type: Gray squirrel 
    - Bristle length: 37mm