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Perfectionniste Complexion Brush

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Master the art of flawless skin with the most perfect complexion brush you can own. Each brush is crafted from hand-tied natural fibers with precision and care by a skilled artisan in Japan. This brush is also excellent for lips and cream products on the eyes. 


I have been known to say that you need the right tools for the job. A surgeon wouldn't use a toothbrush to operate on someone and you wouldn't use a sledgehammer to hang a picture. Although those comparisons may seems a tad dramatic when compared to talking about makeup brushes, the idea is the same. Using the right tools for the job greatly improves the outcome. There's a reason us makeup artists are particular about our tools, and that's because they truly help us get the most out of our paints and powders.

While there are lots of makeup brushes out there, there are very few that truly excel in function and craftsmanship. The way that this brush is constructed, from the tapering of the hair, to the oval shape and the choice of materials, I have never used a complexion brush that gives me results like this one does. I can feather out concealer in such a way that it's so seamless, so entirely undetectable on the skin that you can't see where the skin starts and the product ends. It all has to do with how perfectly the hairs are tapered, how they get so thin at the tip of the brush, that you have full control over the product. I can promise you that the right tools make a huge difference, and I own many multiples of this brush because it's the one that performs the best. It's truly the Italian sports car of makeup brushes. 

  • Pro Tip

    Please remember to wash your brushes to extend their life. We recommend washing your brushes once a week. You can use a brush cleaning soap or a gentle shampoo to clean them. Under warm water, gently lather the bristles, and rinse thoroughly until no visible lather or pigment remains. Gently squeeze out the excess water and reshape them before laying them down to dry. 

    To ensure your brushes are dried thoroughly, and to maintain their longevity, dry them on a towel, having the heads of the brushes rest over the edge. This will allow to maintain their shape and for maximum air flow to aid in faster drying.

  • Additional Info

    - Hair type: Sable
    - Bristle length: 15mm