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The Push Back

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Made of stainless steel and expertly crafted in Germany, this cuticle pusher tackles even the most wily cuticles. 


Clean nails with tamed cuticles speak to me, they have nothing to hide. But even if you love an intricately painted acrylic nail, healthy cuticles are a must. Created with a rounded spoon edge to push back cuticles and a pointed tip to clean around and under nails, the Tenoverten cuticle pusher is hands down (sorry) my favorite. Easy to clean with a lovely weight to it, it tackles cuticles gently and effectively in no time flat. The textured surface makes it especially easy to grip and the ultra-hard, scratch-resistant coating repels water, oil, and bacteria, protecting your investment and ensuring many years of salon-grade precision.

  • Directions

    To soften skin around nails, soak nails in soapy water for three to five minutes or apply The Cuticle Eraser to clean nails. Gently push back cuticles to loosen them from the nail bed, taking care to avoid excessive force that could break the seal of the cuticle, which acts as a protective barrier. Use the edge of the tool to clean under the nail.

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