A Better Red Lip

A Better Red Lip

A love letter to red lipstick.

When I was a teenager I would take the bus across the Golden Gate Bridge to a theatrical makeup store on Polk street in San Francisco to buy my favorite red lipstick. It was in a theatrical makeup shop and the lipstick was cheap, insanely matte and didn’t budge when it was on. I can’t remember how I found it initially, but from then on it was MY red and I’d ride the bus for hours alone to go get it. This was the beginning of my life long love for two things: makeup hunting and red lipstick.

A red lip is powerful. It commands attention and requires maintenance. It’s also a lot like a relationship, ignore it and it will be a mess. But there’s something truly transformative about wearing a red lip. You stand taller, look people in the eye longer and adopt a bit of a swagger. It’s instant attitude.

Never dabbled in red lipstick territory? Have no fear, I’m sure here to help.

A few tips for a better red lip….

Find the right red for you & get a lip liner that matches so you can get a sharp edge every time. Some people are an orange-red kinda red. Some are a blue-red kinda red. Some want that true red-red like you’d find at an art supply store  Find the one that makes you feel good and adopt it. Claim it as your own. I love Emilie Heathe's Lip Atelier 212.


 Emilie Heathe Lip Atelier 212


Have a flat, rectangular eyeliner brush and a bit of concealer on standby (and/or a very pointy cotton bud) for any corrections and to sharpen the line if it’s wobbly. Dip the brush in a tiny bit of concealer and wipe off the excess. Run the edge of the brush along the edge of the lip to clean up the line and make it razor sharp.

If you’ve seriously colored outside of the lines, Micellar water and a handy pointy cotton bud will tackle that big correction.

A steady hand is also helpful so have a seat, grab a mirror and give yourself the time you need to apply it.

If you prefer a bit of a more stained lip, pat the lipstick bullet with your ring finger and pat it onto your lip for a perfectly imperfect application.

However you choose to wear your statement lip, wear it with confidence and a little extra swagger.

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