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Brow Know How - Fuller brows in a few simple steps.

Whether is was the 90's that made your brows anemic, or just genetics, full, fluffy brows can be achieved in just a few steps. Really. All it takes is a few key products and a little practice. 


These are the four steps to ideal arches. 


The first step is a tidy arch. The little fine hairs below the arch, whether they're black, brown or blonde, can easily close up the space on the lid, and that's valuable real estate you don't want to waste. Spend a little time tending the area, cleaning up all of the baby-fine hairs, to make sure your brows look their best. A well designed pair of tweezers is a worthwhile investment. And little is more satisfying than tweezers that effortlessly grab every hair.


With little feathery strokes, fill in the brow with a pencil where they're sparse or you need a little definition. Usually that means a bit more at the arch to give it a good shape, and a little extra on the tails to add thickness and length - gently elongating the brow really opens up the eye.

Using a brow pen to add truly hair-like lines can give the brow that little extra oomph that really sells it. Because the pen is more transparent than a pencil, you can add bulk to the brow without it ever looking drawn on. And using a pencil and pen together creates a brow that looks like you woke up like this.

Pro Tip: Be mindful not to be heavy handed when applying pencil to the beginning of the brow - the part closest to your nose. This can look too severe and can make the brow look very drawn on. It can also make you look angry. This is a great area to draw on subtle hairs with a brow pen.


It's remarkable what a little tint can do to light and medium toned brows. It can define a brow in seconds and with minimal effort - the ultimate cup-holder beauty routine bestie. 

Brush your brows in the opposite direction from the way they grow, ensuring you coat each hair with the gel and then brush them back in their natural direction. This will subtly bulk up the brow while still giving separation to the hairs making the brow look fuller. And becuase it's a gel you're brows will stay set all day. 


If you do noting else to your brows, at least set them in place. Brushing through them makes them look more polished and can tame the most stubborn brows. A clear, soft-hold pomade leaves your brows sculpted and separated, but never stiff to the touch. 

"Brows truly anchor the face, especially as you age. Having a defined, but natural looking brow, creates structure. A well groomed brow and a coat of mascara can make you look instantly pulled together."

Fiona Stiles, Founder


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