I Miss Wearing Perfume

I Miss Wearing Perfume

Like so many of our everyday items - shoes, belts, makeup, actual outfits - perfume has been left to gather dust on our counter tops. As much as perfume is for ourselves, let’s be honest, it’s equally as much for other people. It signals a lot about us, how we want to project and present ourselves to others and the world at large. Hugs and intimate moments are punctuated by the scent of the other, and now those moments are limited at best, but sadly mostly eliminated from our lives. 

I miss that sensory layer. I miss the ritual of applying fragrance and the hazy scent bubble it enveloped me in, but it seems so silly to apply it and stay home. So instead I’ve been reaching for these Woodlot essential oils for my molecular transfiguration. Essential oils just feel right for right now, you get the sensory pay off of a perfume and the emotional/mental benefits of pure essential oils. I dab a bit on the inside of my wrists and a touch at the base of my throat, breathe deeply and start my day.



Woodlot Essential Oil

This cozy scent is the equivalent of wrapping yourself in a warm sweater on a chilly autumn day. Cinnamon, sweet orange and vetiver surround you in a comforting haze of warmth and are like the hug you're missing right now. I'll take all the comforting I can get.



Woodlot Essential Oil

Covid haze is a real thing. My mind is like a sieve, everything seems to slip through, so I use this essential oil to help me snap back into a state of clarity. It makes me feel alert and present and able to tackle the task at hand. The simple combination of peppermint and rosemary is so pleasing and grounding. It may not be as complex as a department store fragrance, but simplicity is what I'm craving at the moment.




Woodlot Essential Oil

The scent of this essential oil is closest to the scent profile that was my fragrance go to (Byredo's Rose Noir). The rose in this smells like rose petals in a garden on a hot summer day punctuated with the grounding scent of Palo Santo. It's lovely and comforting and envelopes me in a scent that doesn't feel silly, but still feels special. Wearing it feels like a little gift to myself.


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