Let's Get Metaphysical

Let's Get (Meta)Physical

Right now travel isn’t much of an option, so how do we tap into that deep desire for escape? Those elaborate summer plans have been shelved or look radically different than they did a few months ago. Is a staycation really a staycation when it’s your only option? How do we make this moment feel different from last month, or the month before, or the month before that?

Our sense of smell and how it’s connected to memory and sense of space can take us back to specific moments in time - years, or decades, before. Creating a new world for yourself in your own environment can be a way to add layers to our memories and shape shift the moment we’re all experiencing.

Transforming your space is a primal desire, and the ritual of burning incense is a way to transform and transport without physically going anywhere. The alchemy of incense is wonderful, how suddenly the air you inhabit feels tangibly different and your mind subtly shifts directions. You've added a layer to your environment that wasn't there moments before.

Unlike candles that are meant to feel like an invisible partner in the room, the presence of incense commands attention. They announce themselves boldly and then linger, inhabiting two very different personalities.

These incenses have been a part of my life for years. When I feel like I need to teleport to a different world, they’re my magic carpet.


Diffusion Rosicrucienne Dat Rosa Mel Apibus Incense

If you've ever walked through a rose garden on a warm summer day, that's what this incense captures; the luscious scent of roses, the warmth of the earth and the subtle fragrance of honey. They truly take me somewhere else when I burn them, the Tuileries in Paris, or maybe a languid garden in the English countryside. I close my eyes and can practically hear the soft buzz of insects, warm smell of petals soaking up the rays and the feeling of the summer sun on my face without ever leaving my living room.


ZenBunni Holy Smoke Incense

ZenBunni Holy Smoke Incense

I often wonder what Joni Mitchell’s house in Laurel Canyon was like back in the heyday of the 60’s music scene in Los Angeles. I imagine a hazy layer of incense filling the air while musicians talk and play late into the night, lounging on tapestry covered couches and surrounded by lush houseplants. When I conjure those images, the Holy Smoke incense is the “scent soundtrack” playing in my mind. This incense has a headiness to it, a richness that speaks of exotic markets in other far away lands and the scent envelops you in a deep, rich velvet feeling.



Ponsont Incense Papers in Rosa Rossa

Ponsont Incense Papers

The first time I smelled these incense papers I lost my mind. How could anything smell so incredible? How could anything smell this perfect? Here's the thing love the most about these papers, you can travel easily with them. I used to bring mini scented candles with me when I traveled, but there was always the fear that they would break in my suitcase or worst, melt in there. These don't weigh a thing, can be lit anywhere and the scent lasts for ages. 



ACT Marble Incense Holder

A.C.T. Marble Incense Holder

Finding the perfect incense holder was a Quixotian task for me until I found this one. Handsome. Versatile. Equal parts elegant and utilitarian. It has a hole for stick incense, a space for catching ash, an area for burning cones or papers. And in a pinch it can be even work as an ashtray. 

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