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Incense Papers

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Paper infused with an incredible blend of resins and plant oils that you burn like incense, allowing you to take your vibe with you wherever you go.


I have been looking for an incense paper for Reed Clarke for years, and this one was worth the wait. These are the most rich, layered, complex and intoxicating incense papers I have ever smelled. The first week I got them I carried them with me everywhere insisting that everyone I saw smelled them, and everyone's reaction was the same; they paused, closed their eyes, inhaled deeply, and slowly looked up at me exclaiming "What IS that" and then went back to smelling the incense. The papers are perforated so you tear off a strip to burn it, a single strip is enough to scent multiple rooms, or even just a corner if you want less burning time, making it easy to travel with and even easier to transform your space instantly. 

Rosa Rossa is a combination of Rose, Sandalwood and Honey while Le Patch is a grown up Patchouli that's softened with Rose and Benzoin Resin. 

24 papers/booklet
40+ hours of scent diffusion/booklet

* Please note: This is a handmade product and slight imperfections/color variations/smudges are charming inevitabilities of the production process.

  • Scents

    Rosa Rossa: Notes of Turkish Rose Otto, Honey Absolute, Spanish Labdanum, Somali Frankincense, Naturally Reconstructed Rose Stem, and Sandalwood.

    Le Patch: Notes of Aged Salawesi Patchouli, Siam Benzoin, Rose, Cedar, Tonka, and Vanilla.

    Candied Violets: Notes of Orris Root, Cassia, Sri Lankan Cinnamon, Spanish Rockrose, Ethyl Maltol, and Hungarian Pine.

  • Directions


    - Tear out a perforated strip, accordion fold, light, and extinguish the flame.

    - Allow the paper to slowly smolder on a fire safe surface. A gentle stream of smoke will quickly diffuse and scent the intended space.

  • Additional Info

    - Paper made of tree-free cellulose sourced from a 400 year old French manufacturer. It’s roller-pressed, hand-torn, and air-dried.

    - Paper is dye-free and chemical-free.

    - Ponsont's scents are created using a combination of tree resins, plant oils, and premium fragrance molecules. The process and products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

    - No parabens, no phthalates, no adipates.

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