Arpin Hand Bag Mirror

Why you need it:
Hands-down the best mirror you'll ever use with serious clarity and magnifying power.

Why I love it:
Every time I take this mirror out of my purse for a touch up, someone stops and asks me about it. It's super chic and elegant, and frankly I'm just a sucker for a tassel. One side is regular magnification and the other is 7x magnification, so you can really get your lip line straight and your mascara perfect. It's the clearest, sharpest mirror I've ever looked into, you'll use it all of the time, just for the sheer pleasure of it. Plus it makes a lovely gift for a friend, boss, client, or you know, for yourself.  


  • Additional Info

    - Material: Nickle

    - Features: 7x magnifying mirror on one side, other side is standard.

    - Imported from Paris.

    - Deep pink leather cover.

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