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YS Park

Crazy Dry Wax

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This versatile hair product can do it all. It's workable, moldable, or like its name, can have extra crazy hold.


Hand-crafted in Japan, the YS Park Crazy Dry Wax will be your hair's secret weapon. It can be used to add a little texture and separation for that undone look or use it to help you create a structural up-style that needs an ultra strong hold. The genius of this product is the clay-like texture; no matter how much of it you use, it never looks or gets greasy, it stays extra matte and has a no-shine finish. A little bit goes a long way, so use a small amount and add more product as needed for stronger hold.

Perfect for men's hair, it gives you the perfect matte finish to any style, long or short, never looking like product in your hair. This stuff is amazing.

*Exclusive to Reed Clarke

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