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Dark Swan of Denmark

Feather Single Individual Lashes

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Add length and volume to your lashes with ease. A mix of lengths lets you design the lashes you want - you can make them longer, fuller, flirtier or just fill in your lashes where you may need a little extra.


Have you ever wondered what makes actresses on the red carpet look so elevated? 9 times out of 10 it's the subtle addition of individual lashes. If you've ever tried wearing strip lashes you know it can be tricky to make them look real (and even trickier to apply) which is why us makeup artists always have a healthy stash of individual lashes with us in our kits. By nestling just a few into the lash line you can make your eyes look more open, more feline, or more doll like. But often times the uniformity of individual lashes can make them more detectable which defeats the entire purpose. The unique way these Dark Swan of Denmark silk lashes are made, with the longer lashes on the outside and the shorter hairs on the inside, more closely mimic the growth pattern of a persons real lashes so they blend in perfectly. These are the only ones I'll use on my celebrity clients because they are that good. 


105 lashes / pack


    If you have straighter lashes, or normally like to curl them, be sure to curl them gently and "walk out" the curler so as not to create a sharp angle to the lash, otherwise the individuals won’t blend with your own. Tilt your head back and look down into the mirror, as if you’re looking down your nose. This gives you better access to the lash line and will allow you to get the lash clusters deep in-between your own lashes.

    Grip the lashes with a pair of tweezers, aiming for the middle so as not to damage the base of the lash. Never pull the lashes out of the box from the tips to prevent damaging the lashes. 

    Dab a bit of glue to the base of the lash, wait 15 seconds for the glue to get tacky and then nestle the lash into the base of your lashes. 

    Personally, I love the doe-eyed look so I like to add slightly longer lashes in the middle and shorter ones on either side, making the eyes appear rounder and more youthful. If you prefer a more elongated, sexy eye, start with the shorter lashes at the inner corner and add the longer lashes at the outer corner of your eye, drawing the eye up and out for a more feline feeling. 

    Applying mascara after applying the individual lashes will allow them to blend better. There are two camps, those that apply mascara first and those that apply it after, but I can tell you from decades of experience that applying them before mascara will give you a more seamless, believable effect. 

  •  Additional Info 

    - mixed-length lashes (8, 10, 12mm)
    - 100% silk 
    - Easy to apply
    - Reusable
    - Lightweight & comfortable with a natural 3D effect
    - Lash glue included

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