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Iles Formula

Hair Turban Towel

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An extra absorbent, wildly soft, microfiber towel that will speed dry your hair while reducing static, frizz, and breakage.


Until I used this towel from hairdresser Wendy Iles, I never realized just how heavy that full bath towel was on my head, and how much damage is was doing because of that excessive weight. This turban is lightweight (so no excess strain on your strands), has lots of room for those with tons of hair, and has a genius loop and button in the back to secure the towel and keep it in place. I also used to be guilty of roughing up my hair with the towel to dry it faster which caused frizz like nobody's business. Now I put my hair in it dripping wet, straight from the shower, can put lotion on without the towel falling off my head, get dressed, make tea and then take my hair down when I'm ready. This simple turban has seriously streamlined my mornings and truth be told, makes me feel a little more glamorous while doing it.

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