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Jo Leversuch

Untitled No.1 Multi Use Powder Brush

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A versatile brush made of vegan, synthetic bristles that feels and functions like natural hair. Perfect for powders and light cream textures, it truly lives up to its name. 


Sometimes you need a big fluffy powder brush and sometimes you need one that's a bit more delicate. I find this brush to be one I reach for constantly (thankfully I have multiples in my kit). Because of the shape, I can use it to apply powder exactly where I want it. If you're dusting a touch of setting powder under the eyes, this will lay down just the right amount to product in just the right place. Use it to soften unwanted highlights along the side of the nose or in the center of your forehead without crushing the beautiful glow you worked so hard to achieve. Excellent for applying a subtle contour under the cheekbones, adding a bit of highlight to the tops of the cheeks or down the bridge of the nose, or applying a one shade eyeshadow look. I find that I keep using this brush for all sorts of things, and it holds up to the task every time. 


* Exclusive to Reed Clarke in the US

  • Pro Tip

    For the best care and longest life of your brushes, wash regularly with warm water and shampoo or mild soap. Once washed gently squeeze with a cotton cloth and press to reshape. Lay flat to air dry on a towel, with brush heads over the edge for maximum air flow to aid with faster drying. 

  • Additional Info

    - Length 145mm
    - Vegan synthetic hair 
    - FSC sourced birch wood handles
    - Made in Germany

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect brush

I wanted a brush to set under eye concealer but I kept waffling about what to get because I’m cheap and a $10 brush from Ulta is enticing. I also have more expensive brushes that are kind of meh. BUT THIS BRUSH!!! It’s so soft, it’s so perfectly shaped, it picks up powder, it’s so delightful to use… I now want to buy every brush sold here because this brush is in a different category. Actually everything I’ve gotten from Reed Clark feels like the best discovery ever. 6 out of 5 stars