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Exfoliating Facial Sponge

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A face scrubbing mitt with two different densities for keeping clogged pores at bay.


We all know that exfoliating is great for the skin. Not only does it help remove traces of dirt and makeup, but it promotes cell turnover, stimulates blood flow and lymph flow to aid in decreasing puffiness and eliminating toxins. This mitt is a pro at really getting the job done. Made of a honeycombed thermoplastic urethane (thermoplastic urethane is an amazingly versatile polymer that bridges the gap between rubber and plastic. SCIENCE!), one side is softer for a more gentle cleansing, while the other side is a bit stiffer for a solid exfoliating. It's quick drying and by the nature of the material, it's antibacterial and anti fungal.  Plus it's small and easy to throw in your travel bag so you can scrub on the go. Your skin will thank you.

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