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Brush Purely Soap

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Get your makeup brushes as clean as the day you bought them with this super special brush soap imported from Japan.


Getting your makeup brushes and beauty sponges clean is imperative to not only the longevity of your tools but the cleanliness of your skin. You'd be shocked to learn just how dirty your makeup brushes can be. As a makeup artist I am fanatical about keeping my tools clean and the Takeda brush soap is aces at doing just that.

And also as a makeup artist I am more than a little obsessed with that hard to get item, the one that you literally have to travel to the other side of the world to get. This soap from Takeda is one of those products that makeup artist obsess over, that ask their friends who are traveling to Tokyo to please, please, please pick up for them. And to my knowledge you can't get it anywhere outside of Japan....except here. This soap is one of those things where, if you know, you know. So now you know. Welcome to the club.

* Exclusive to Reed Clarke

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