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Wildland Organics

Magic Dust Dry Shampoo

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A tinted dry shampoo for those days when you need a little extra volume and little more time not doing your hair. 


Dry shampoo is a great life hack; it preserves blow outs, adds volume and body to clean hair while minimizing oil in unwashed hair. It lets you buy yourself a few extra minutes with the snooze button in the morning, or maybe you didn't have time to wash your hair after that spin class but you're headed to dinner with some friends and your hair needs some quick attention. But if you have darker hair, you might have noticed that regular dry shampoos can leave a white residue at the roots where your hair is darkest. That's why these are so amazing; the colored clay in the Magic Dust absorbs oil while blending seamlessly into your hair. And the clary sage and lavender essential oils make your hair smell a fantastic, meaning that no one will be the wiser that you're rocking that "day 3" hair. 

  • Additional Info

    Non-Aerosol Bottle. 100% Recyclable.

  • Directions

    Hold bottle 3-5 inches away from roots and spritz as needed to absorb excess oil in the hair and roots. Longer, thicker hair may require dividing hair into sections.

    Using your fingers, work the product into your roots by lightly lifting and shaking your hair as you spritz.

    Allow 3-5 minutes for the powder to absorb the oil and shake off or brush through any excess.

  • Ingredients

    *Cornstarch, *Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda, ~*Aloe Powder, ~Pink Clay, ~Baobab Powder, ^*Baobab Oil, Essential Oils of *Bulgarian Lavender, *Clary Sage, *Cedarwood Atlas. Raven Roots: ~Brown Kaolin Clay, ~Cocoa Color Clay Dark Brown, ~Black Kaolin Clay Toffee Roots: ~Brown Kaolin Clay Ginger Roots: ~Color Clay Cedrus Golden Roots: ~Cydonia Color Clay Quince Yellow

    Indicates  *Organic  ^Wildcrafted  ~Fair Trade

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Customer Reviews

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Genius Dust = Hair Magic

Magic dust is a game changer. I love dry shampoo but I love the color of this one and the texture is very fine so it does not leave my hair feeling heavy! I can use it right up around my face. It’s genius!