Gratitude Not Attitude

Gratitude Not Attitude

Whelp, it’s been an interesting 19 months (but who’s counting). I’ve been trying for the past year to embrace and cultivate the attitude of gratitude, just finding little things to be grateful for each day. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s something super mundane, like a cup of tea (or let’s be real, an end of day margarita), but it feels like a good practice. TBH I’m not really a journal keeping kinda gal, but these small quick exercises have really made a difference in shifting my perspective. It’s so easy to get stuck in the negative, especially when the world around you is on fire, so that bit of extra effort goes a long way to redirecting your perspective. 

As 2021 comes to a close I hope you can find some levity, peace and humor in the world. Fingers crossed that 2022 proves to be a smoother year for everyone, fewer bumps and maybe not so many surprises. A bit more horizontal on the old graph chart of life, you know?

I’m so very grateful for you, dear client, for your support and your unbridled enthusiasm for Reed Clarke. Thank you for nurturing my little corner of the beauty world. I’ll keep working to find things that add a bit of joy to your day and add a smile to that gorgeous face of yours. 

With gratitude,

Fiona x


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