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I’m not really one for a scented candle, I prefer a good heady dose of incense and then have that scent linger in the house, enveloping it in its character. And while as much I love some Nag Champa, I also like to have a diverse variety of incense on hand. I've searched far and wide to source these incredible finds, all of which I'm deeply obsessed with (ask anyone who knows me), and I think you'll quickly become a zealot too.

Diffusion Rosicrucienne Incense

Diffusion Rosicrucienne Dat Rosa Miel Apibus Incense

Imported from France, the Dat Rosa Mel Apibus smells like a bright garden rose doused in honey. You can almost feel the summer sun when you burn them, like you're strolling the gardens of an old French estate in the dog days of summer, the sounds of cicadas buzzing in the air.


Zen Bunni Holy Smoke Incense

Zen Bunni Holy Smoke Incense

The rich, transcendent, complicated layers of the fat incense Holy Smoke Incense sticks from Zen Bunni will instantly transport you to a retreat in Bali. They're dense and burn for a good while, filling the room with a beautiful, dreamy haze of scent.

Ponsont Incense Papers

Ponsont Le Patch is a heady patchouli that is zero percent college dorm and one hundred percent chic eco-luxury get away. Also, here’s a little tip, I’ll open a packet of Ponsont and keep the open packet in my purse or put it in my T-shirt drawer so that all areas of my life smell like this insanely delightful scent. I cannot get enough.


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