Beauty Tools Have Expiration Dates Too.

Beauty Tools Have Expiration Dates Too.

We all know that products have a limited shelf life; you can tell by smelling them, touching them, or just by thinking....."Hmmmm, I've had this products for 10 years. Pretty sure I should toss it." But what lots of people don't realize is that tools have an expiration date too. 

But think about it for a moment. Lots of tools are made of metal. Metal bends. When metal bends it's no longer calibrated properly, and therefor it won't work as well as that factory fresh one. Let's take tweezers for example. Have you ever dropped your tweezers on the floor? We all have. When that happens, here are two possible outcomes.... A: it landed on the tip and now the metal is dented and the flat part of the tweezers don't meet seamlessly anymore.(There is something you can do about here for a really good hack. It won't make them last forever, but it can get you through for a while.....) B: it landed on its side and now there's a subtle difference in the angle of the two sides, again making the flat part of the tweezers no longer meet perfectly.  Or they bang around in your makeup bag, travel toiletries bag, car's center console and the same thing happens....they get uncalibrated or even worse, get dull. And all of these scenarios translate into not being able to really grip those brow hairs, which is like, the most frustrating thing ever. At least in my world.

 Rubis Tweezers

Brow Gal Scissors


Now let's take our beloved eyelash curlers. When's the last time you replaced yours? I'm guessing it was a long time ago. Ever wonder why they don't sell replacement pads? Why you only get two? Because when you drop them or when they've lived in your makeup bags for years and years, the calibration goes off with them as well, and then they are no longer as effective as when you bought them. They expire. They have to be replaced.

Surratt Relevée Lash Curler

Prima Eyelash Curler

What about your makeup sponge? Have you seen that video where someone thinks it's clean and then cuts it in half and it's full of product? Horrifying. After I saw that video, I decided to sacrifice one of my beauty sponges that I use for work to see what was inside, and let me tell you those bad boys get put to the test. With much trepidation I chopped it in half and...... *gasp* it was spotless. That's because I use the Takeda Purely Soap which is pure MAGIC, so I felt tremendous relief, but if you don't clean them properly they are a straight up bacteria breeding ground, a breeding ground that you put on your face. Even if you're a clean freak like yours truly, with love and heavy use comes wear and tear, so those little sponges will start to fall apart on you; they just don't last forever and they do need to be replaced occasionally.  A fresh one is bouncy, pliable and works beautifully for months or even years.

It's just nicer when your tools work harder for you, and they can only do that if they're in tip top condition. So when was the last time you got a new pair of tweezers anyway?

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